Buy and Borrow Luxury Fashion


For owner managed accounts payments are made automatically at the time of the transaction to your selected account.

We have a comprehensive listing guide which we would be happy to share with you. Our guide offers hints and tips to show your preloved items in their best light.

We suggest 4 or 5 flattering images showing each item from various angles and distances.

We welcome clothes, shoes and accessories from mid-high end womenswear fashion brands. Our mission is to reduce the spend on fast fashion and consequently do not accept any items from high-street brands. Items must be in good rental and resale condition. Any items that are not of the expected standard will be removed from the MWHQ platform.

Owners/vendors set their own fees, and we work with them to keep fees as reasonable as possible. We advise them take into consideration the original RRP, and age and condition of the item when setting a rental fee. As a rule of thumb however, past-season items are listed at 10% of their RRP, while current season items are priced at between 10-30%. Sale prices are set by the owner and will vary.

The shipping of each item for owner managed accounts is the responsibility of the account holder. We recommend UPS, Royal Mail or DPD. Additional charges can be made for speedy or long distance requests.

The laundering of any item must be included in the rental price and is the responsibility of the owner when each item is returned. This ensures that no damages occur when an item is not cleaned correctly, particularly important with delicate items that can easily be shrunk or lose embellishments in the washing process.

Damaged items should be assessed on a case by case basis depending on the level of damage, the difficulty of repair and whether the item can be replaced.

We recommend always choosing a trackable and 'signed for' option when dispatching goods. This allows you to claim on any insurance policies your shipper may provide and can help identify who took receipt of an item if the intended shopper didn't.

Please keep in contact with your shopper. They may be renting an item for a specific event so please be aware of any delivery deadlines. If you are later than agreed delivering an item please check back with the shopper to ensure the item is still required. Any deliveries that are a day or more late are likely to attract negative reviews.

Your customer is liable for all items in their care. Funds from the deposit held by Shieldpay will cover any items not returned.

The owner of each item will take care of all the cleaning to ensure the quality of the shape and material is maintained and in line with advised washing instructions. Shoppers are liable for damage to any items they have chosen to launder themselves.

You can choose a wide variety of postage options depending on the needs of your customer and your availability to dispatch.