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Owners/vendors set their own fees, and we work with them to keep fees as reasonable as possible. We advise them take into consideration the original RRP, and age and condition of the item when setting a rental fee. As a rule of thumb however, past-season items are listed at 10% of their RRP, while current season items are priced at between 10-30%. Sale prices are set by the owner and will vary.

Currently we do not offer this service due to the demand on our stock.

Once a sale has been processed it may not be possible to amend your order. However, if you would like to contact us as soon as possible on 020 7341 9000 we would be happy to accommodate your request where possible.

You can borrow an item for 7 days at a time for the listed rental fee. If you wish to borrow an item for a longer period, before or after the item has been rented, please contact the MWHQ Customer Service team and they will confirm availability.

Yes, you can cancel an order right up until the point of dispatch.

Please call Customer Services 020 7341 9000 for any refund claims.

The refund transaction may take up to 48 hours.

Yes, in some cases. Please contact Customer Service 020 7341 9000 who will be happy to help.

Unfortunately this is not a service we can currently guarantee. However, if you would like to email us on we will do our best to accommodate your request.

As soon as your rental has been received and processed you will receive notification via the platform.