Buy and Borrow Luxury Fashion


MWHQ has two commission structures. For those looking to upload and manage the rental and sale process themselves, we charge 20% commission. For those who would prefer us to manage it - this includes photographing and uploading all items and management of the rental and sale process - we charge 40% commission.

We suggest that rental items are priced at between 10-20% of the original RRP depending on the age of the item and whether it is in demand.

We suggest that items for resale are priced at around 30-40% of the original RRP, depending on the age and quality of the item.

Damaged items will be assessed on a case by case basis depending on the level of damage, the difficulty of repair and whether the item can be replaced.

Payment will be received within 24 hours of the item being returned after rental, or purchase.

All payments should be made online via the website. This ensures there is a trackable exchange of communications and payments.

We use Shieldpay and Stripe payments and are happy to use all credit and UK debit cards with the exception of Amex.