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How To List Your Wardrobe

How it works

We require a minimum of 20 items to start your account. After sending us imagery and details of your items, we upload the listings whilst you hold onto your pieces. You'll be responsible for the postage, dry cleaning and customer communication where applicable. We operate on a commission basis - please view further details here.

What we accept

We accept contemporary and high end designers, no high street please :) And whilst we can list fur items, these must be bi-product fur items only i.e. yes to sheepskin, no to mink. Items must be in good quality condition and with no marks or repairs.

How to get started

Please complete the form below or email with images and details of the top 5 items you would like to list, or a link to your existing rental platform feed

What happens next

We will review your inventory and if it fits well with our platform then we'll email you all the relevant information. We look forward to welcoming you as a My Wardrobe HQ sharer :)