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Love designer but found it cheaper elsewhere? We’ll price match it.*
All you need to do is WhatsApp us on +44 7719 841258 or message us on Live Chat and we'll match the price you’ve found elsewhere - or if we can’t, we'll give you a £20 credit on your account.

*As a supplier of authentic, designer goods, it’ll come as no surprise to you that this offer only applies to comparable, authentic items.

What is the “Price Match Promise”?
If you find an identical product on MWHQ listed with our competitors, we’ll match the price or give you a £20 credit on your account. You’ll need to register an account with us to be able to redeem the credit.

What qualifies as an identical product?
The product must be listed on MWHQ for more than 4 weeks and match brand, model, style and colour to qualify for the Price Match Promise. The product must also be in identical condition - this includes wear and tear, damage, irregularities.

What items are excluded from the Price Match Promise?
Items that are available to rent only are not included in the Price Match Promise. We’re offering this across our entire range of products that are available to buy on our website.

Can I apply a promo code when applying for the Price Match Promise?
Unfortunately not. All other promotions and voucher codes are excluded from this promotion. It cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer on MWHQ

I have applied a promo code on a competitor’s site. Will you match the pricing for this campaign?
Unfortunately not. Offers and vouchers used to discount competitors listed items isn’t a true reflection of the list price so we will only accept products that show the listing page price (instead of the checkout price as an example).

How long does a price need to appear on the competitor’s site for you to accept it?
The competitor price listing must be live for 4 weeks (we have ways of confirming this!)

How does Price Match Promise work when the listing is in foreign currency?
We will match competitors’ foreign currency ‘sell’ rates that are publicly available to all customers, based on those displayed on at the time of the MWHQ Customer Service team receiving the WhatsApp message or Live Chat enquiry. These rates must be on the same day, for the same amount of currency, and with the same service conditions.

How will you compare the products?
We will review the listing link that you share with us over WhatsApp or Live Chat to first verify that the product is the same brand, model, style and colour as the product listed on our website. We will then review the condition of the product on both sites and advise whether it is an acceptable comparison or notify you where the comparison has failed and will not be accepted. We may call the competitor’s retail store or check the website address of the designated retailer to verify the lower price and availability of the item.

Will you accept pricing from competitors that are going into administration or liquidation?

How do I let you know when I want to apply the Price Match Promise?
If you find an identical product on a competitor’s website for a lower price, send us the product listing via WhatsApp or Live Chat. We’ll come back to you within less than an hour (during business hours!) and confirm that the product meets our standard and the Price Match Promise can be applied. If the product matches our standard, we’ll match the price and arrange for the sale with you over WhatsApp, Live Chat or over the phone. If we can’t match the price, we’ll credit your MWHQ account with £20 credit to be used anywhere on our site.

Are you able to deliver the next day if I request a Price Match?
We will always endeavour to deliver your item the next day if ordered before 12pm. If the comparison is taking longer than expected, you may experience a one or two day delay on delivery.

What payment methods are available with the Price Match Promise?
We accept major credit cards, PayPal and Klarna for this promotion.